Project Profile

Welcome to the perfect home of happiness, comfort and luxury presenting OPEL GARDEN by DCC, located on the bustling Padapai and spread across a sprawling 23 acres. OPEL GARDEN features 1825 truly stunning homes that are a real delight in every way. OPEL GARDEN offers you a lifestyle that is so close to nature yet close to all modern day necessities. Ranging between 910 sq.m. to 1200 sq.m., the homes at OPEL GARDEN has everything you have always wished for. Be it a frost of entertainment avenues, a stunning array of leisure facilities, a wide range of conveniences for your daily needs, the finest amenities and several tailor-made comforts specially created keeping in mind the needs of adults, kids and senior citizens in your home. And above all serenity, comfort, luxury & happiness.

Our constant reach for perfection and our desire to create the ideal environment for living has led us to one of our finest creations yet - OPEL GARDEN. Meaning the right one for the perfect one. OPEL GARDERN combines minimalism and luxury, sophistication and grandeur in a way never seen before. Everything at OPEL GARDEN is the way it should be, Just Perfect Living Apartments. The Urban ethic living experience 1825 elegantly designed homes spread across 4 floors of contemporary architecture Created with great attention to detail and crafted with fitness.

OPEL GARDEN seamlessly integrates ideal lifestyle amenities and well thought out open spaces.